Pandayan sa Daluyan: New Media as a Community-Based Tool for Promoting and Developing Culture



Trends and emerging communications technologies are becoming more and more participatory in nature. Networked and interactive information and communications technologies (ICT), dubbed as New Media, are creating a decentralized media environment where receivers of information are also becoming content providers.

These ICT tools enjoy increasing penetration rates. Mobile penetration hits 85% in 2010 with increasing mobile broadband subscriptions, according to Smart Communications. Internet access is at 30% in National Urban Philippines and continues to increase for cities like Davao, Cebu and Manila. This is fueled by entertainment content and social media activity according to the Yahoo! Nielsen Net Index 2011.

The potential effects of New Media in the dissemination and development of culture favors the participation of grassroots and community-based cultural workers. This encourages the shift of monopoly from the hands of academe, professionals and corporate media to the people's collective wisdom at work in molding the national consciousness of the people. New venues are created for artists and cultural workers to share theoretical and applied contributions to Filipino culture. Integration with traditional media like radio broadcasting increases the dissemination of information where no mobile or internet connection can reach. Multimedia characteristics makes it accessible to artists from various forms of cultural work.

Empowering community-based cultural organizations in applying New Media to their practices and communities is tapping into New Media's potential in making Filipino culture effective, broad-reaching and truly be and for the people.

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