Project Greenbot Philippines: The Environment Case Aggregator



Project Greenbot Philippines is a green-technology initiative of the Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU), a national organization of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals, advocates and students united under the principle of advancing ICT for the People in response to the expressed need for ICT practitioners to integrate with social movements.

CPU recognizes the issue of the environment as one of the stress issues the world faces to date. This is especially the case for the Philippines, considered to be a top hotspot of ecological wealth and biodiversity, and where a huge percentage of its population is economically dependent on natural resources.

Utilizing free and open source software technologies, Greenbot PH seeks to help expose the various environmental crimes committed in the Philippines. It serves as a web portal for aggregated case studies of crimes and the people’s responses in such issues as biodiversity, mining and climate change, which are then mapped using Ushahidi, a free and open online Geographical Information System (GIS).
Greenbot PH will also be reporting updates on CPU’s other green initiatives.

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