Software Freedom Day Philippine Celebration



Software Freedom Day (SFD) is a yearly celebration of software freedom. Free and open source software (FOSS) are free, high-quality alternatives to proprietary software ranging from your operating system to applications you would use at home, in business, education and other social purposes. The affordability and viability of FOSS tools have important economic and social impacts especially in third world countries like the Philippines.

Hundreds to almost thousands of organizations worldwide are celebrating SFD every year. SFD is an outreach day where we inspire newcomers to the community with the values and quality of free software and communicate the broader issues of software freedom through a variety of activities. SFD is also a showcase of how the world can exist without patents and monopolistic copyrights.

Computer Professionals' Union (CPU) is the lead organizer of Software Freedom Day in the Philippines since 2004. We started celebrating it with just 50 participants. The number of participants grow each year, until last year we have reached almost 700. This growing number of celebrants is a manifestation that FOSS community in our country is expanding, and that Filipinos are gradually becoming educated about FOSS and software freedom.

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