Hacking the Philippine Electoral System: A Technical Forum on the COMELEC Data Leak



Technical Forum on #Comeleak charted ways forward for the IT community, voting public after Comelec data breach


Last April 23, the Computer Professionals’ Union along with TXTPower, 8 Layer Technologies, and other partners successfully organized a technical forum on the #Comeleak entitled “Hacking the Philippine Electoral System, a Technical Forum on the Comelec Data Leak”.

The second floor of the Commune Café+Bar in Makati was jam-packed (some had to listen from the stairs) with more than 100 participants representing the ICT and infosec community, concerned voters, students, netizens, bloggers, and members of the press.

The forum was opened by Tonyo Cruz, President of TXTPower, which incidentally celebrates its 16th anniversary in August. He set the tone for the gathering by giving a brief background of the data breach and data leak of the Comelec data system and intense reactions it has garnered from the public. He also shared his recent personal experience with identity theft, a threat now very palpably faced by the 55 million registered voters in the Comelec data system.