About Computer Professionals' Union

The Computer Professionals' Union in Advancing ICT for the People

In 2001, a group of information communications technology (ICT) practitioners in the Philippines established the Computer Professionals' Union (CPU) in response to the expressed need of grassroots-oriented organizations to understand the state of ICT that was becoming a very pronounced sector in the Philippines' national development landscape. The technicalities of the state of the ICT industry and its accompanying issues had to be articulated in the context of people's development.


Eventually, the CPU would extend its reach to do advocacy and organizing work amongst computer professionals and enthusiasts, i.e., programmers, system developers, system analysts, ICT project managers, university students, including teachers and researchers from the academe.


In 2009, CPU was officially registered under the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission under the name CP-Union.Org Inc as a non-stock, not-for-profit organization.


Our Vision


CPU envisions a Philippines that is free from the domination and control of monopolist domestic and foreign interests; where its people enjoy democratic and civil rights; and where information and communications technology (ICT) serves and assists the real development needs of the country's people and economy.


Our Mission


We work for an ICT that will benefit the people through the enunciation of a pro-people critical standpoint on the state of ICT and its impact on the Filipino people in general and on ICT professionals in particular.



Core Principles and Advocacies


Freedom of Information


Information in all forms is the collective knowledge and experience of humankind. Therefore, no one can own information. Anyone can use and develop it for the benefit of mankind and development of society.

Privacy of Information


Information about us, our families, where we live, where we work, people we call, sites we surf, stores we shop in, etc., should be kept private.


Free and Open Source Philosophy


We fully support the free and open source philosophy and communities.

Right to Organize


As ICT workers, we have the right to form and defend associations that collectively fight for our rights and welfare.

Use of Appropriate Technology


Technology alone cannot solve political and social problems. We should dispel myths about the infallibility of technological systems and neutrality of S&T.