Globe sees ₱₱₱₱ in 8888; TXTPower statement on Globe’s plan to charge calls to new hotline


July 28, 2016


From Tonyo Cruz Facebook post, TxtPower President.



Globe Telecom is the first and biggest prankster by unilaterally deciding to charge P5.00 for calls to new national hotline 8888.


The charge defeats 8888’s public service objective, which is connect people with their government.


Instead, Globe appears to make it yet another revenue stream, under the guise of “discouraging prank calls”.


For Globe, “no balance required” is only applicable to it’s overpriced, tubong-lugaw promos. In the profit-obsessed minds of Globe management, the hotline looks like a hotcake.


Lest we forget, the Republic of the Philippines has the right to demand such free service from a private grantee of a most valuable franchise to public airwaves and frequencies.


Prank calls can be mitigated through blacklisting and investigation of suspicious numbers. And then we remember: How can we be sure they are really prank calls burning the lines when they could actually be dropped calls, a permanent feature of telcos in the country?


There are many factors that Globe and PLDT should ensure in making 8888 possible: 24/7 availability, reliability, crystal-clear lines, redundancy, and security. Pero inuuna ang pera. Pera muna, bago public service.


We call on the President Duterte to put Globe in its proper place, stop the planned charging of calls to 8888, check the arrogant privilege of the duopoly and to put an end the obvious capture of the regulator. Congress should also make sure Globe and PLDT delivers their side of the bargain under the congressional franchises it granted. ###


Founded in 2011, TXTpower is an advocacy group that promotes and defends the rights of the mobile phone and internet users both as consumers and as citizens.