Asus K43U Review


November 18, 2011

The Asus K43U is a one of the cheap laptops out there in the market. But do not let the price be a let down for the specs of this laptop is quite good. It uses AMD's e-50 processor (a hybrid processor that can also act as a graphics processor). You can also upgrade its RAM from 2gb up to 4gb (DDR3) and its hard disk up to 750GB. But it is not without faults. It's relatively heavy compared to its netbook counterparts (2.60kg). Battery life is significantly shorter at higher settings (2hrs-3hrs). It also produces a lot of heat during long hours of usage.

With that said, what is it capable of? Well, for starters, it can be used for video and photo rendering. The specs is also good enough for programming. Upgrade the ram and it can also act as a mobile low-end virtualization machine. And for those wondering, it can run most of the games out there! (like nba2k11 and starcraft 2).

We recommend this laptop for those who want a cheap alternative for a mobile multi-media editing machine.