Unhide Infected Files and Folders Concealed by a Virus


July 22, 2015


You copied files from a computer to your USB flash drive. When you came home and plugged it to your laptop, your antivirus program suddenly appeared and notified you of viruses. The antivirus removed the infection. Afterwards, you accessed your drive and you found nothing but some files. All the folders are lost with your files in it.


The first computer must be infected with certain kind of virus that clones folders. These cloned folders are executable and propagate infection, fortunately, are already removed by your antivirus, but where are the original ones?


The virus hid it.*


So what we need is to unhide those.  First, we need to go to the command prompt.

Note: Do this on a clean computer. Scan your flash drive first with antivirus.


1. In you Windows desktop, press Start. Type in “cmd”. Press enter.


The virus changed the attributes of your folders, so what we need is to restore it back.


2. In the command prompt windows, type in “attrib -s -h -a /s /d <drive letter>:\*.*”, without the quotations. Press enter.


“<drive letter>” is the drive letter of your flash drive, “*.*”  means “everything”.  So if your flash drive assigned as drive d:


attrib -s -h -a /s /d d:\*.*


The are no prompts. The cursor will go to the next line suggesting that the process has started. 


Just wait for the process to finish. When you see the folders directory, it is done. Duration depends to the numbers of folders.


There you go! Your files are restored. ;)  You may opt to disinfect the source computer so that it won't cause anymore trouble.


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*For the meaning of attributes, click here. This method applies to Microsoft Windows users.