E 'di Wow: Pinoy Online Expressions


July 27, 2015

on Pop Culture

Philippines is the social media capital of the world. We are fond of using the internet to interact and communicate. With this, online communication became a necessity and in effect have evolved the use of our  language so much most of them have been popularized online and retained as everyday expression.

So I asked my colleagues and friends on the common expressions they encounter and how do they interpret those.


E 'di wow!

Used when somebody has no other way on countering an argument, engaging in a discussion, or any post mostly with a big sarcasm note.  Also used to finish the discourse out of insecurity, or just to stop it because somebody don't want to accept the ideas of others. Pres. Aquino even use this while delivering his speech in his 2015 State of the Nation Address.  Warning: if irritation persists, stop using it.



Ikaw na!

Same as above. Relates people rather than things and ideas.

Bigyan ng jacket 'yan!

Came from a defunct TV noontime variety show. It means “congratulations” comes mostly with mockery.  You want to express joy but at some point you are hesitant whatever the reason is.

May Forever / Walang Forever

For those who are in love or those who just got their hearts broken.  “May forever” posts are the “cheesy” ones and usually has photos of couple cuddling each other. On the other hand, “walang forever” posts are bitter posts. Both can either be real or sarcasm.




Emerged from an online video clip of of a girl that do exaggeratedly “cute” things that are mostly are out of context. It came from the words “baby” and “pa-baby” and babies are cute and helpless. Pabebes therefore mock the babies faces and the way they might ask something.


Push mo yan!

When somebody tries something and the outcomes seems to be bad, this is the term. This also applies to inflict sarcasms. Can be suffixed with “'te!”



There you go! Are you pabeses too? These expressions are cool but make sure use it in context and in moderation to avoid misunderstandings. Keri ba?!


If you want to add some more or questions, please feel free to contact us!

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