Recover Accidentally Deleted Files Easily


August 3, 2015

When your computer deletes data on your disk (including "quick" formatting), it does not “physically” delete the files on the disk. The occupied space by the file is just marked as “available again” to write other files over. Therefore,  even you deleted your files on your flash drive or on Recycle Bin, you can still recover those.

In this simple post, we will teach you how to reclaim your files easily using Recuva.

1. Download and install Recuva.

In this tutorial, I have created test files: two documents and one image on a flash drive (Removable Disk D:). I deleted the files so we have something to recover later.

2. Run the program. You will see the "wizard". Just follow on-screen instructions. When you are prompted for file types choices, select the one you will recover first. Selecting specific file types will speed up the search process. In this case, we will try to recover the deleted documents. Click "next".

3. Choose the location of the files to be recovered. Remember we have to recover files from drive d:\. Click "next".

4. Here you will see your files ready to be recovered.  Tick on the checkboxes and click "recover". Choose the the location for saving. Click OK and wait for the process to finish.

Voila! We recovered the files and saved in on My Documents folder! :)

That's easy! You can also use the steps to recover files from corrupted drives. Simply use the format tool and choose "quick format" and follow the same instructions as above.


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