Tech Notes

Things You Might Consider in Buying a New Computer

A lot of folks has been asking about which laptop to buy. Some prefer a brand over others, some prefer a touchscreen than plain screens, some even don't understand the numbers on the store shelves.


Services You Can Disable in Windows 8


Windows runs in a series and parallel layers of interdependent processes and services that are important in the operating system environment. However, not all of these processes are needed frequently and consumes much of your CPU and memory resources. Most run at start-up and continue to run in the background even you don't need it, same with third party applications.  It is better of course, to disable some until necessary


You have to go to the Service Manager.  To do so:



Windows 10 and Privacy: What You Need to Know

Windows 10 and Privacy, Now: What You Need to Know


The most anticipated Windows 10 has started to roll out since July 29. After Windows 8 missed the market, IT pros and enthusiasts were looking for a number of improvements the latter has failed to provide.



Recover Accidentally Deleted Files Easily

When your computer deletes data on your disk (including "quick" formatting), it does not “physically” delete the files on the disk. The occupied space by the file is just marked as “available again” to write other files over. Therefore,  even you deleted your files on your flash drive or on Recycle Bin, you can still recover those.

In this simple post, we will teach you how to reclaim your files easily using Recuva.

1. Download and install Recuva.


Speed-up Your Computer in Five Easy Ways for Free


Computer users always face this problem – slowpoke Windows PCs. You have to wait for “some processes” to finish before you can click on another and a bit painful when you are in a hurry.  Worse, it won't respond anymore.

Slow computers are affected by several factors, from software to hardware problems  There are some ways we can rev them up. These tips may help you boost your chugging PC "like new".


1.  Check disk space. Remove unnecessary files.