Tech Notes

E 'di Wow: Pinoy Online Expressions

on Pop Culture

Philippines is the social media capital of the world. We are fond of using the internet to interact and communicate. With this, online communication became a necessity and in effect have evolved the use of our  language so much most of them have been popularized online and retained as everyday expression.


Should You "Trust" Your Computers?



Let's admit it. We trust our computers more than almost everything (and everybody) else. We put there our name(s), addresses, passwords, important documents, “crush” photos and selfies, blooper videos, music projects among others. We jot down there our schedule. We provide financial information to shop or to pay our games. We use it for navigation and communication.


Unhide Infected Files and Folders Concealed by a Virus


You copied files from a computer to your USB flash drive. When you came home and plugged it to your laptop, your antivirus program suddenly appeared and notified you of viruses. The antivirus removed the infection. Afterwards, you accessed your drive and you found nothing but some files. All the folders are lost with your files in it.



Workers rights reporting using FrontlineSMS

we've been working with Center for Trade Union and Human Rights for a deployment of FrontlineSMS to enable workers reporting on various rights violations. It will also serve as a simple information dissemination tool on workers rights. >>

Protect Yourself from Online Threats and Communication Surveillance

Recently, a lot of online security concerns have surfaced the news and social media. As more people put technology in their pockets, we are more vulnerable from online threats. Internet-related crimes, politically-motivated online attacks, unsolicited data mining, online scams, email offers, and fake websites are some of them. How would you protect yourself? >>